Man signing a documentHanes & Bartels take a practical, common-sense approach to all matters, and are experienced in contracts, whether it contracts formation and drafting or contract disputes. While all parties to a contract go into the deal with the optimism that no problems may arise in the future, if the contract is drawn with an eye to the many possible contingencies and problems that could arise, if those problems do occur, they are addressed in advance, and expensive or protracted litigation can possibly be reduced or eliminated.

Contract Disputes: Most business disputes, and many other disputes, involve interpreting or upholding some kind of contract or agreement. We have represented clients involved in a myriad of contract disputes and litigation for decades.

Don’t wait until someone files a lawsuit. Contract disputes can quickly rise to the level of unnecessary litigation. The time to talk to an experienced attorney concerning a contract dispute is as soon as you realize there is a disagreement – before it escalates to litigation. Many contracts require arbitration of claims and disputes. Some require mediation. We are experienced in successfully resolving disputes through mediation and have a successful track record representing business and individuals in arbitration. If you are involved in a dispute and have a contract that includes a mediation requirement or an arbitration agreement, let us put our experience to work for you. We have represented clients involved in contract disputes, such as:

Purchase and sales agreements

Supply contracts

Business to business agreements

Employment contracts

Any type of real estate contract

Construction contracts (including AIA)

Licensing, marketing, and distribution contracts

Business debt, commercial collections

Shareholder and partnership disputes

Fraud and deceptive trade practices