Serving those who serve us – Getting citizenship for an Army soldier

Last fall, a U.S. Army soldier from Fort Carson here in Colorado Springs found our website and emailed us about getting citizenship.  He explained that in three weeks, he was about to be deployed for the third time to the Middle East.  But even though he had already spent years risking his life defending our country, he still was not a citizen of the United States!   And an aspect of his new assignment required a U.S. passport.

We moved appointments around on our calendars and invited him to our office immediately.  Normally the citizenship process for a Permanent Resident takes 4-6 months.  But because of his active-duty military status, we emailed and telephoned our contacts at USCIS (the Immigration agency) directly to arrange for expedited processing of his application and a waiver of all government filing fees.  We got him a citizenship interview within weeks.

I was very proud to stand next to him following our interview, as he took his oath of allegiance and became a United States citizen.  He shipped out three days later to the Middle East.  But I am proud to say that this soldier now knew that the nation whose flag he was fighting under fully recognized him as a citizen.

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