DACA Announcement - Supreme Court Decision Imminent!

Please spread word to your networks that anyone who currently has DACA should consider applying to renew it immediately, especially if they have one year or less remaining before expiration.

The Supreme Court will likely issue a decision on the DACA case (Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California) soon. Per national advocacy organizations based in DC, they may issue the decision by the end of April, although we believe mid-May is more likely.  We don't know what will happen, but is possible that the Supreme Court will allow the Trump administration to end DACA, but that USCIS will still process renewal applications received on or before the date of the Supreme Court decision.  It is very likely that people currently under DACA will continue to be able to work and be protected from deportation, even after the Supreme Court decision, but only until their current DACA expires.  If the Court ends DACA, the future of DACA depends mostly on the November election.

At Hanes & Bartels, we are also willing to assist you with your DACA renewal and have contacted current clients with expiring DACAs.  We recommend that if you want to maintain your DACA benefit that you file to renew your DACA immediately. With many of us working primarily from home to help “flatten the curve,” our firm has a limited capacity to assure timely filing of these renewals in such a short turnaround and may not be able to assist everyone in need. If you would like assistance with your application, we still urge you to hire or consult with a licensed attorney, especially if there have been any changes in your record, such as a recent arrest or criminal charges.

If you are not able to afford a private attorney, the Colorado Immigration Rights Coalition (CIRC) has been organizing online DACA renewal assistance here in Colorado. To schedule a phone/ Zoom appointment, community members can contact CIRC’s Legal Services Coordinator/ BIA Accredited Representative at kevin@coloradoimmigrant.org and/ or at (303) 901-6062.

If you would like to explore what other options may be available to you, outside of DACA, please give our office a call at 719-260-7900, and we can schedule a consultation with you.

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