Intellectual Property


Creations of the Mind for Which a Set of Exclusive Rights are Recognized

Official Patent and Trademark

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?  Attorney Richard Hanes can help you obtain it!

The exclusive rights of the owner of Intellectual Property are categorized in familiar areas of the law referred to as patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.

You have an idea that deserves a
You need to protect your
You must register your
Before disclosure you need an agreement for

* WARNING: The new patent law bars a patent unless an application is filed BEFORE any sale, offer for sale, publication or public use of the invention. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

From the experience of having been a patent examiner in the U.S. Patent Office and having obtained hundreds of U.S. and foreign patents for clients, the primary intellectual property attorney at Hanes & Bartels, Richard Hanes, will evaluate your idea for patentability and prepare, file and prosecute your application for patent in the most expeditious manner. Drawings to illustrate your invention will be made by our professional patent draftsman.


Your business will benefit from a TRADEMARK that distinguishes your goods or services from those of others. Talk to the attorneys at Hanes & Bartels about selection, clearance searches, proper use of your mark and federal registration (®) of your mark. You can obtain priority over other potential applicants for the same or similar mark by filing an application for registration even before you actually use the mark.
Maybe you need a CEASE and DESIST letter or a LAWSUIT to stop the use of an infringing trademark. Hanes & Bartels has the fire power to bring justice to such disputes.


Authors, artists and photographers can protect their exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their works through COPYRIGHT (©). Hanes & Bartels will guide you through the process and will answer your questions on the infringement defense of fair use.


Until you have an issued patent on your inventive product you need a NON-DISCLOSURE and CONFIDENTIALITY agreement with persons or businesses to whom you want to shop the invention. Hanes & Bartels can create an agreement that will give you the best chance to get your idea before a potential investor or manufacturer with maximum protection for you and your invention.


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